Monday, November 23, 2009

Lara Croft it is!

This is a late post, sorry Mama got tied up with so many chores and stuffs,
anyway, this is what I wanted, a Lara Croft costume…

... we just bought the 2 toy guns for P50.00 each, and everything else are old stuff we have around the house, my old black shorts & Sando, the gun holster is made up from Mama’s old backpack (my dear Papa made this! Thanks a lot Popsie!), and the boots from a cousin. So far, this is my cheapest costume ever! And I even won the BEST COSTUME AWARD!

Halloween is almost 3 weeks ago now… but then again, like all the other past Halloweens,

Me & my cousin Josh (in Power Ranger’s costume), had a blast!

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